Relocation 2020

As you are aware Marin Ventures is relocating from 350 Merrydale Road next spring—our lease expires April 30, 2020. After looking for property for nearly a year, we found a building that we were able to purchase. It’s near our current location, and will be a great space for our clients who need a site-based program. We will not change our program or how we deliver services, but our plans do include renting a second space. This will house our administrative offices and be a place for participants in our 100% community-based program to check in as needed. We are very excited to be able to invest into our future with the acquisition of a building as it will ensure our program sustainability considering the constant rent increases we struggle to keep up with.  Our new building will undergo some renovation this fall and winter to be ready for our spring move-in. We’re excited to be working with a number of local firms that have expertise in San Rafael and working with non-profit organizations, these include realtors, architect, general contractor, attorneys, bankers, city planners and numerous inspection specialists. This enormous project has the full support of our Board of Directors. We especially appreciate Board President, Terry Scussel, who is providing time, expertise, and leadership for the project. As work progresses, we will provide updates to our website page, Relocation 2020. Executive Director Jami Davis can be reached for questions at