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Relocation 2020

The move to Marin Ventures’ new location may have only been 2 miles by GPS, but in the middle of a pandemic, it has been quite a journey. We are happy to report that we have finished construction and have only a few final tasks to complete the Community Care Licensing process

for 10 Joseph Court. Fortunately, our contractor, Joe Meylan of Meylan Construction, continued work on our essential project through the Shelter-in-Place. Protocols to keep workers as safe as possible were implemented. Although this slowed down our project, we all worked within the same set of circumstances, and the spirit of cooperation from Joe, his employees, and the subcontractors made all the difference.

Terry Scussel, President of the Board of Directors for Marin Ventures and a professional photographer, contributed the photos in this newsletter. They tell the story of how we renovated the building and created a great space for our program participants. We can’t wait to see our new space come to life, filled with people and activity.